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Mr. Thomas Méndez

Thomas Méndez is a 2009-2010 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar studying International Political Economy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to delivering presentations to various Argentinean Rotary Clubs and creating partnerships for collaborative international projects, Méndez has been assisting in the installment of computers in rural schools in southern Argentina through the NGO Project Patagonia. Tom recently joined the International College of American Nursing’s (ICAN) U.S.-based team, helping with a variety of marketing and partnership formation related tasks. Together with two classmates, he has co-founded the Houston-based “The Paideia Institute,” whose mission it is to help prepare promising Houston-area high school leaders into becoming outstanding university leaders versed in their cultural heritage and the promise of engaging in a multi-cultural world.

A Summa Cum Laude Honors Program graduate from the University of St. Thomas in 2009, Méndez holds a degree in International Studies and a minor in Spanish and Latin American & Latino Studies. Among his many undergraduate achievements and awards, Méndez was a founding board member and president of the UST MicroCredit Program. This student-run organization has established partnerships with various international non-profits. Tom was chosen as the UST Commencement Speaker for the spring of 2009. Here is a recording of his speech on YouTube. Méndez received the NAEIF Dr. Robert H. Jackson Leadership Award in December of 2009.



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