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Board Members

Dr. Alvaro AlonsoDr. Georgina Pérez-Liz - Chair

Born in Mexico City, Dr. Georgina Pérez-Liz graduated from the Medical School of the Universidad Panamericana in July 2004. Georgina served as Chair of the NAEIF Board of Directors from 2006 to 2010. She has most recently worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Neuroscience at Temple School of Medicine, where she has authored and co-authored several papers. As an undergraduate, she volunteered in several medical assistance programs to benefit indigenous communities. Georgina performed her obligatory community service year in Tlapa, Guerrero, one of the poorest indigenous regions of her country. In April 2004 she was the keynote speaker at a “GlobeMed” national student conference held in Chicago, where she spoke on learning about human dignity and service. NAEIF sponsored her trip to that meeting. Thereafter Georgina proposed and organized a "Pan-American Symposium about Solidarity and Volunteerism" for university leaders that took place in Mexico City in 2005. NAEIF was the major co-sponsor of this weekend event. Following graduation, Dr. Pérez-Liz served for two years as Medical Director of the Mazahua Foundation, an NGO that serves indigenous communities north of Mexico City.



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