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DeSales University
A private, four-year Catholic university for men and women administered by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. It is the mission of DeSales University to provide men and women with quality higher education according to the philosophy of Christian humanism as developed by Saint Francis de Sales and his spiritual heirs. The University imparts knowledge about, and develops talents for, personal, familial, and societal living. DeSales University enriches the human community and enhances the dignity of the individual through its educational endeavors. In its work, the University fosters a vital and respectful dialogue between Roman Catholic faith and human culture. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the National League for Nursing. DeSales is also a member of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges, which offers cross-registration and interlibrary loan with Cedar Crest College, Lafayette College, Moravian College, Muhlenberg College and Lehigh University.
Global Medical Relief Program
The Global Medical Relief Program is a nationwide student organization that strives to make quality health care available to people around the world. By providing doctors and other health care professionals with the equipment and resources they need, GlobeMed facilitates the growth of solid health care infrastructure in developing regions—where it is needed most. The most important tenet of the philosophy of GlobeMed is their firm belief in the competence and compassion of local health care professionals. GlobeMed believes in the fundamental human right to health and adequate health care that is too-often thwarted by lack of funding, resources, and facilities in underdeveloped countries. The organization also realizes that donating supplies, while vital to reaching our goal, is only part of the solution to the world health crisis. Thus, in addition to regular shipments of medical supplies, GlobeMed's growing mission has come to include raising funds for promotion of health education, sponsoring disaster-relief drives, and networking with dozens of organizations worldwide such as NAEIF.
  Healing the Culture
Healing the Culture is a nonprofit educational organization which seeks to build a pro-life culture by inspiring individuals to uphold the intrinsic dignity of every human person, and by helping them to live for deeper meaning and purpose. We believe that abortion, euthanasia, and other threats against human life and dignity are caused by profoundly unhealthy attitudes in our culture. Specifically, our culture has misguided notions about happiness, success, quality of life, love, sexuality, suffering, ethics, freedom, personhood, rights, and the common good. All of these misguided notions contribute significantly to a "culture of death." To remedy this, we train teachers, pastors, religious educators, counselors, medical professionals, political leaders, and other persons of influence to cultivate healthier notions of these terms among their constituencies. We provide materials, resources, networks, speakers, retreats, training seminars, consultations, video and DVD learning systems, school curricula, articles, and other resources which aim to transform cultural attitudes and beliefs in ways that affirm the intrinsic dignity of the person and lead to a pro-life culture. Healing the Culture was founded in 2003 by Robert J. Spitzer, S.J. (President of Gonzaga University) and Camille De Blasi. is a proud member of OTELS, the largest family of hotel websites in the world. Through over 100 sister sites such as,,,, and, OTELS offers travelers fun, fast, & informative ways to reserve a hotel ... so you can relax and enjoy your trip. The multi-lingual staff at OTELS knows that visiting new cultures broadens and enriches minds of all ages, so "our mission is to donate 10% of profits to exchange programs for young and old in countries around the world, including the worthwhile offerings of the North American Leadership Institute."
  Medicina y Asistencia Social, Mexico  
Medicina y Asistencia Social (MAS) is a Mexican foundation dedicated to serving the medical (click here to view MAS photos) and social needs of the indigenous communities that inhabit the poorest zone of that entire country (The mountainous region of Tlapa de Comonfort, Guerrero, is six hours southwest of Mexico City). NAEIF is currently seeking to collaborate with university and high school groups in Canada, Mexico and the US so as to increase the serving capacity of MAS' commercially-outfitted kitchen and youth dining hall from 100 to 500 children a day. In collaboration with the Medical School of the Universidad Panamericana, this Mexican foundation maximizes the benefits of its meal program by providing a wide range of basic medical services to these same children and their families.  

Nourish International
Based at the Campus Y of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Nourish International is a student organization that empowers students to become agents of positive social change. "NI" develops entrepreneurial, leadership, and management skills and heightens global poverty awareness among college students as they collaboratively work with international non-profit programs to alleviate the poverty-hunger crisis.
  Universidad Panamericana, Mexico

Founded in 1967 by a group of Mexican business leaders, the Universidad Panamericana now has eighteen graduate and undergraduate schools located at several campuses throughout the country. Its principal characteristics are personalized attention, academic excellence, and a profound appreciation of the importance of the humanities to professional and university education. The university has an institutional relationship with Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church, so as to provide an integrated human and spiritual formation.

The World Youth Alliance
The World Youth Alliance is a global coalition of young people and youth organizations committed to promoting the dignity of the person at the international level and building solidarity among youth from developed and developing countries. Founded in 1999, it now embraces members of at least 100 nationalities. A small team of World Youth Alliance members works directly at the United Nations and European Union to protect human life and dignity in international agreements. Other World Youth Alliance members are engaged at the grassroots level, building a culture of life through charitable service projects or innovative cultural events.

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