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  The North American Leadership Institute
In cooperation with the privately run Universidad Panamericana Mexico City campus and the public Universidad Intercultural in the State of Mexico, NAEIF organized the second North American Leadership Institute during 17 learning-packed days in July 2007. Participants took classes in Mexico City in preparation for five days of interaction with rural indigenous communities and families in the State of Mexico. Click here to read more about the North American Leadership Institute;

NAEIF is proud to have co-sponsored the Pan-American Student Symposium on Solidarity and Volunteerism which was held on January 28 and 29th of 2005 at the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City. Professor Michael Pakaluk and NAEIF President Ted Wills were among the featured speakers. The Symposium was organized by an international student committee led by Dr. Georgina Prez-Liz, the winner of NAEIF's 2004 Leadership Award  and recently named Chair of the NAEIF Board of Directors. To see the conference program, click here.  To read Professor Michael Pakaluk's speech on "Friendship as the Basis of Volunteerism," click here;  

For the past twenty years, NAEIF's founders and benefactors have been working together with underprivileged people in a tough Mexico City neighborhood as shown below, helping residents to create a plaza and two gardens, to rebuild and expand their chapel and, most recently, to provide the youth soccer team with uniforms;
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Acting as consultants to the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico in the planning of special activities that bring together foreign students with underserved populations in Mexico so that the students might learn from the poor;  
  Promote an online essay series concerning Aristotle's teachings on friendship, leadership and solidarity written by Professor Michael Pakaluk of Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts  (sign up here for the free series); and  
  Continue our annual “Dr. Robert H. Jackson Leadership Award” in honor of the late educator (1933-2001) who dedicated his entire life to the service of others. He was a co-founder of The Heights School in Potomac, Maryland;  

Working together with the NGO Medicina y Asistencia Social in the poorest zone of all Mexico, NAEIF is currently seeking the help of university and high school groups in Canada, Mexico and the US so as to increase the serving capacity of their commercially-outfitted kitchen and dining hall for children. MAS is striving to grow the program's service from 100 to 500 indigenous children daily. In collaboration with the Medical School of the Universidad Panamericana, this Mexican foundation maximizes the benefits of its meal program by providing a wide range of basic medical services to these same children and their families.

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