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Bartolomé De Las Casas Essay Series


The "Bartolomé De Las Casas Essay Series" is dedicated to the Spanish bishop and writer who was the first champion of the rights of indigenous people in the Americas. NAEIF has commissioned renowned Aristotle authority Professor Michael Pakaluk of Clark University to write a series of essays on the subject of human dignity, globalization and leadership with frequent reference to natural law, our classical heritage and Catholic social doctrine. This free series will be periodically distributed by email and it will also be available on the NAEIF web site.

  1st Essay The Closing of the American Heart? 
Primer Ensayo
  2nd Essay How to Tell a Flatterer from a Friend
Segundo Ensayo

3rd Essay The Demands of Friendship
Tercer Ensayo

4th Essay A Friend as ‘Other Self’
Cuarto Ensayo
5th Essay The Natural Friendship of Husband and Wife
Quinto Ensayo
6th Essay Friendship between Parents and Children
Sexto Ensayo
7th Essay The Family as the Training Ground of Citizenship
Séptimo Ensayo


8th Essay The Family as the Wellspring of a Healthy Society
Octavo Ensayo

8th Essay Friendship as the Basis of Volunteerism
Noveno Ensayo

10th Essay Leadership and Human Rights
Décimo Ensayo

11th Essay Leadership and the Virtues
Undécimo Ensayo

12th Essay

'Globalization’ and a Call for University Student Leaders to Promote Human Dignity and Solidarity
Duodécimo Ensayo


13th Essay ¿Hay Moral Absoluta en la Ética de Aristóteles?

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