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Bartolomé De Las Casas Essay Series

  Michael Pakaluk, Biography:  

Michael PakalukThese essays (Bartolomé De Las Casas Essay Series)  were commissioned by the North American Educational Initiatives Foundation, Inc. and written by Michael Pakaluk, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Clark University. Professor Pakaluk received his A.B. and Ph.D. in philosophy from Harvard University. He publishes in a variety of areas, including ancient philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of logic, political philosophy, and the history of philosophy.  His most recent books are Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, An Introduction (Cambridge University Press, 2005) and Understanding Accounting Ethics (Allen David Press, 2005), co-authored with Mark Cheffers, a forensic accountant. He is Director of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy.

  For further reading:


    Lewis, C.S., The Four Loves, (New York: Harcourt, Brace) 1960. Michael Pakaluk with son Joseph  
    Pakaluk, Michael, Other Selves: Philosophers on Friendship, (Indianapolis: Hackett) 1991.  
    Pakaluk, Michael, Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics VIII and IX, translation with commentary, (Oxford: Clarendon) 1998.  

 Pakaluk & son Joseph


Bartolomé De Las Casas Essay Series:  


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