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 North American Leadership Institute

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Held at the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City & Remote Countryside
Wednesday, July 11,2007 through Thursday, July 26, 2007

    Dear friend and colleague in promoting leadership for North America’s future:

At a time when there is great confusion in the United States about the value and dignity of each person, it is imperative that we join together to form a new generation of leaders who will challenge the negative paradigms about Mexicans in the United States.

The North American Leadership Institute aims to prepare undergraduate leaders according to a coherent "culture of life" and "justice for all" vision on these issues. The course philosophy is based on the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. The course is open to university leaders of all faiths who want to learn and live the most important tenets of this crucial body of wisdom for a world that globalizes with abandon.

The Institute is now receiving applications from student leaders in Canada, Mexico and the United States to participate in its second session to be held at the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City as well as in the remote countryside interacting with indigenous communities. The Institute is being co-sponsored by the North American Educational Initiatives Foundation, the Education Department of the Universidad Panamericana and the Medicina y Asistencia Social Foundation of Mexico.

The Institute will begin on July 11th and end on July 26th (participants to arrive on Tuesday, July 10th, and depart on Friday, July 27th). We are seeking a group of two dozen undergraduate leaders with a roughly equal male:female ratio. We are very interested in receiving applications from students of color and Native American students.

Classes will include a course on the philosophical principles that underlie Catholic social doctrine, another on the comparative legal history of the North American indigenous peoples, and an innovative course on the language and culture of the indigenous communities we will later be visiting. There will also be a leadership course focused on practical, team-building applications. Professor Michael Pakaluk of Clark University designed and will teach the course on philosophy. Pakaluk is a renowned authority on Aristotle and his teaching on friendship. The rest of the Institute faculty teach at Mexican public and private universities.

The Provost of DeSales University, Dr. Karen Walton, audited the inaugural Institute in the summer of 2005. She concluded that the academic program merits consideration for academic credit. The 2007 program includes 62 hours of instruction (40 hours of formal instruction and 22 hours of informal or “experiential” learning calculated at a 2:1 ratio). It is each student’s responsibility to obtain academic credit for the Institute from their respective college or university.

IMPORTANT: The working language of the Institute will be in English. For most of the trip, Canadian and United States participants will benefit from living with their Mexican classmates and their families. Students who already have a familiarity with Spanish will benefit the most from this learning experience.

Students will go on three cultural excursions as well as on a five-day visit to indigenous communities that live in the mountain ranges six hours southwest of Mexico City. At that time students will have the opportunity to practice their knowledge of the tribe’s dialect and experience their cultures in supervised activities with adults and children.

Students will be provided with classes and materials, souvenir leather-style notebook binder, student health/travel identification and insurance card, housing, breakfast and evening meals, three cultural excursions and access to university computer labs. During our time in the countryside, students will receive all meals and hotel accommodations (including swimming pool) and bus/van transportation. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded an official certificate from the Universidad Panamericana.

The tuition for the Institute is $1,995 USD for university leaders from Canada and the United States, including entering first years (“freshmen”). The tuition does not include round-trip airfare to Mexico nor mid-day meals while we are in Mexico City.

NOTE: The North American Educational Initiatives Foundation is offering partial travel assistance for Canadian university students.

The tuition for the Institute is $50 USD for Mexican students who take in boarders. These Mexican students are expected to provide housing as well as breakfast and evening supper to a fellow student of the same sex from Canada or the United States. In this way, the Institute will be able to involve Mexican students of diverse economic circumstances.

Mexican students who are accepted into the program should deposit the program fee in full to “Caja” at the Universidad Panamericana Mexico City campus in the Mixcoac neighborhood. Be sure to make your program payment in full to “CURSO DE INTERCAMBIO NALI (PEDAGOGÍA)”. It is very important that you keep your receipt of this transaction for our program records. This will be your only proof of payment for NALI staff.

Students of the Universidad Panamericana Mexico City campus who successfully complete this program are eligible to receive 200 social service hours towards their graduation requirements.

We are conducting a rolling admissions process. Please send completed form to Mr. Theodore Wills, President of NAEIF, at

The North American Leadership Institute staff in Mexico and the United States will notify applicants if and when they are to be interviewed for an invitation to participate in the Institute.

If accepted into the program, you may find instructions about payment options on the NALI "Tuition" webpage.

Kindly share this information with your friends who are student leaders in the university world.


Theodore S. Wills
North American Educational Initiatives Foundation, Inc.
23 Lenox Street
Worcester, MA 01062


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